fishTank_sky (2018)

12-Channel Video Installation 40 minute duration 12 monitors mounted on wooden rafters laid on the floor, showing captures from four videos placed underwater looking upward, each video feed duplicated and mirrored twice. Paper boats made from newspapers proclaiming recent unfortunate events sail over the view of an overcast day.
fishTank: a strikeWare pop-up exhibition featuring Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and video installations

On view the first week of November 2018.
fishTank_sea (2018)

Augmented-reality installation. An overhead transparency projector rests on the floor with four interchangeable images of artificial aquatic interiors. When viewed through the accompanying mobile application, the viewer may see a three-dimensional virtual sculpture showing ornamental fish swimming with 3D photographs of human figures within an enclosed space.
fishTank_flower (2018)

Digital Video Installation A water source slowly drips water into a fishbowl with a bright pink flower. A video feed from underneath the fishbowl is projection mapped onto six of the Marble Bar's support columns.
fishTank_A Coral Reef (2018)

Coral Reef transports the interactor into a future in which the building had been underwater for centuries, leaving only the pillars of the basement. Underwater, the user discovers a natural environment populated with tropical fish and imagined coral. 
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